The Prometra II Programmable Pump is a sterile, battery-operated, teardrop-shaped implantable, programmable infusion pump, with a rigid titanium housing and flow controller system, which dispenses infusate into the intrathecal space through an implanted intrathecal catheter. To help increase safety, the Prometra II Pump incorporates a safety valve (flow-activated valve or FAV) that will shut off drug flow to the patient in the event a high flow rate occurs, such as during an MRI. All functions of the system (e.g., dosing) are controlled externally using a hand-held, battery-operated programmer. The Prometra II Pump contains a metal bellows drug reservoir with a capacity of 20 milliliters (mL). The reservoir propellant is stored within the rigid housing surrounding the bellows and provides the driving pressure for the pump. The driving pressure on the reservoir forces the infusate through an outlet filter (0.22 pm), and into an electronically controlled flow metering valve-accumulator subsystem. The Infumorph passes from the flow metering subsystem, into the catheter access port then into the catheter for delivery to the intrathecal space.
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  • Implantable intrathecal infusion pump, programmable
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