ZeroG 3D is a robotic body-weight support system which automatically tracks patients as they move freely in any direction. The dynamic body-weight support offloads a percentage of the patient’s weight as they perform activities in a full 3-dimensional workspace, while the advanced fall protection provides the highest level of safety. The ZeroG 3D System is intended to assist subjects who have experienced neurological and orthopedic injures as they practice therapeutic activities related to walking and balance activities. ZeroG 3D can also be used to train subjects ambulating on a treadmill. ZeroG 3D should never be used to lift and transport subjects and should never be connected to inanimate objects. ZeroG 3D should only be operated by therapists and trained healthcare professionals who have read and understand the instructions for use and have passed the ZeroG 3D training competency exam conducted by an Aretech trainer or a certified staff trainer.
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  • Gait rehabilitation frame, electric
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