Epicel (cultured epidermal autografts) is an aseptically processed wound dressing composed of the patient’s own (autologous) keratinocytes grown ex vivo in the presence of proliferation-arrested, murine (mouse) fibroblasts. Epicel consists of sheets of proliferative, autologous keratinocytes, ranging from 2 to 8 cell layers thick and is referred to as a cultured epidermal autograft. Each graft of Epicel is attached to petrolatum gauze backing with titanium surgical clips and measures approximately 50 cm2 in area. Epicel is authorized by Federal law for use in adult and pediatric patients who have deep dermal or full-thickness burns comprising a total body surface area greater than or equal to 30%. Epicel may be used in conjunction with split-thickness autografts, or alone in patients for whom split-thickness autografts may not be an option due to the severity and extent of their burns.
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  • W41020AU201P0001 ()

  • Area/Surface Area: 50 Square centimeter

  • Cultured skin autograft/xenograft
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