The InterCare Vascular Diagnostic Center (Model 300) is a mains electricity (AC-Powered) Vascular laboratory that integrates, into one device, various modules that provide indices of significance to peripheral vascular and cardiovascular function. These modules includes Patient Data, Framingham and BMI, ABIgram(tm) Ankle/Brachial Index, PADogram(tm) Segmental Pressure Analysis, Vasogram(tm) Arterial Compliance procedure and Endogram(tm) Endothelial dysfunction measurement (poor vasodilatory response) through the noninvasive measurement of arterial pulsatile volume changes in the arm of a patient during a reactive hyperemia test (occlusion of blood flow followed by abrupt release). InterCare Vascular Diagnostic Center Model 300 also offers administrative capabilities such as creating periodic system usage reports which show test dates, procedures performed, patient names and physician name. Physically, the system consists of hardware and electronics housed in a cart with four wheels. The device includes a computer board, pneumatic circuit, monitor, keyboard, joystick, printer, tubing, blood pressure cuffs, and power cord. It also incorporates Colin Medical Instruments' Oscillometric blood pressure module M1050, a standard high-end, off-the shelf-NIBP system which has passed UL and SP-10 testing.
Vasocor Model 300
In Commercial Distribution

  • B2623000 ()

  • Weight: 142 Pound

  • Cardiovascular-risk peripheral arterial tonometry system
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