microTargeting Platform Procedure Consumables Kit, 1x, sterile, for use with mT or STar Drive, mT Platform and Guideline 4000 LP+. Contains: 44975L: D.ZAP Tungsten Differential Electrode - - 220.72mm electrode length, 10mm differential, 205.72mm protective tube length, DZAP(L) 1Meg, 0.55mm od. 66-DA-SD: Sterile Drape Sleeve for motor 66-EL-LP: Patient Lead for Guideline 4000 LP+ 66-IT-03P: Sterile Single Insertion Tube Set - IT(MP1) - 184.1mm tube length, 1.83mm od, 1.6mm id with Stylet PT(MP1) - Diameter reduction tube 0.58mm id
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  • Depth electrode
  • Patient surgical drape, single-use
  • Intracerebral cannula, implantable
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