microTargeting Single Procedure Kit, with microElectrode, tubes, sterile drape sleeve and cable. Contains: IT(BP2): Insertion Tube. 2x MTDWLN(BP)(BP7): microTargeting Electrode. PT(BP2): Protective Tube. Sterile Drape Sleeve for microTargeting motor FC1020 Electrode Lead Individual Specifications: IT(BP2) - 183mm tube length, 1.829mm OD, 1.6mm ID, 184mm stylet (not including collar). MTDWLN(BP)(BP7) - 271.4mm electrode length, 10mm differential, 256.4mm protective tube length, 0.77mm OD. 1Meg DZAP(L) PT(PB2) - 181mm tube length, 1.47mm OD, 0.99mm ID OD: 0.77mm
Not in Commercial Distribution

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  • Patient surgical drape, single-use
  • Intracerebral cannula, implantable
  • Depth electrode
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