Download GUDID Schema

New Data Elements to be Added April 2, 2018

Coming soon: updates to AccessGUDID data! The following new data elements will be available soon on AccessGUDID, in the download files, and in the APIs. More easily track GUDID device record updates, manage changes, and link to other data sets.

  • Public Version Number
  • Public Version Date
  • Public Version Status (new/update/delete)
  • Public Device Record Key
  • Labeler DUNS Number
  • FDA Premarket Submission Number*
  • FDA Premarket Supplement Number*

Updated schema file, sample download records and read-me-first files are included in the zip file below. We anticipate releasing the new data elements April 2, 2018. Please take a moment to review the information and ensure your system will be able to download and process the updated files.

* Data for FDA Premarket Submission Number and FDA Premarket Supplement Number will not be provided until Summer 2018.

New Schema File - April 2

GUDID Schema File

The GUDID schema file is a ZIP file containing XSD files. The XSD files explain the format for GUDID release XML files. The GUDID schema ZIP file also contains an Excel file with version history for the XSD files.