Download Help


Tips on how to use the release files found on the Download Page

Every business day, a Daily Release download file will be provided. This release contains all Device Identifier (DI) records (new, removed, and updated DI records) provided by the FDA to the NLM that day.

Once a week, NLM will bundle the past week's Daily Release files into a Weekly Release file for download.

Once a month, a Full Release file will be provided for download. This will contain all published DI records in GUDID that have completed the "grace period." (The grace period is the time during which device companies may make significant edits to their information; once the grace period is completed, only limited editing of device information is possible.) The past month's Full Release will also be available to download.

The Full Release will also be available in the AccessGUDID Delimited .TXT Files format. The AccessGUDID Delimited Files contain reorganized data from the FDA release files. The zip includes .txt files containing flattened AccessGUDID data in a pipe delimited format meant for importing into relational models. For information on how to use these files, please visit the information page for importing delimited device files.

Note: The download files may be split into part files no larger than 3.5GB in order to work on most file systems.

The schema for the download files can be found here.

The complete list of GUDID Data Elements and descriptions can be found here.